Our mission is to unite the community to accelerate the impact of veterans on Houston.
— Combined Arms Mission Statement

In order to achieve our mission, we are focusing on three strategic objectives:

1. Establish and nurture a system of organizations focused on supporting organizations that provide military transition and community reintegration services.

2. Reduce program redundancies and costs.

3. Increase collaboration among programs within the system.

We are building a network of partner organizations in America’s fourth largest city, in order to assist transitioning military veterans and their families on their path to making Houston their new home. 

CAX Team


Executive Director

US Navy


Brian Wilson

Creative Technology Manager

US Army



Coordinated Services Manager

US Marine Corps


Lead System Navigator

US Army


The Combined Arms Board of Directors is made up of Houston area leaders and representatives from selected member organizations of Combined Arms. 

  • Bryan Foster - US Army - Chairman of the Board
  • Matt Frederick - US Marine Corps - Vice Chairman of the Board
  • John Boerstler - US Marine Corps - Board Member At-Large
  • Barry Mattson - US Army - Treasurer
  • Mea Williams - US Navy - Secretary
  • Carl Salazar - US Navy - Board Member
  • Kevin Barber - US Army - Board Member
  • Brian Ivany - US Army - Board Member
  • Matt Mato - US Navy - Chief Technology Officer
  • Roberto Cortez - US Army Chief Financial Officer

Combined Arms is a 501(c) registered with the IRS and state of Texas. EIN 47-5648923.