Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps, Matt completed his Masters of Business Administration from Louisiana State University before being recruited and hired as a project manager by Williams Companies in Houston, Texas where he quickly rose through the ranks to lead a pipeline business unit.  Matt co-founded with a group of other veterans Honor Capital, a for-profit social impact business.  His vision is to establish and operate food stores to bring fresh healthy groceries to underserved communities throughout the nation to bring create equitable access to fresh and healthy foods.  He leads “The Impact Program,” a veteran hiring initiative to recruit, train and empower veterans to be operational leaders as well Project Development and Community engagement initiatives with Honor Capital.

Additionally, Matt co-founded and serves as the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of Combed Arms as a volunteer.  Combined Arms is a community based collaboration platform that syncs efforts across the Veteran Service Organization in the Houston metroplex with the goal that acts as the Transition Center for veterans returning to Houston post active service.  They do this by creating efficiencies across the portfolio of services, a technology platform that tracks inputs and outcomes and holds member organizations accountable to their mission to drive best practices to better serve veterans needing services.

Matt also co-founded and volunteers as a director of Houston Veterans in Business (HVB).  HVB is an innovative platform that brings veterans together. HVB hosts weekly events and workshops that assist veterans in translating their extensive skills and experience from the military to that of the civilian workforce. 

Finally, volunteers as a board member for the Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA), the largest network of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the State of Texas.  As a volunteer board member, Matt continues leads efforts focusing on internal program and process improvement and resource development for the growing organization.

Matt Frederick earned his degree and commission from the United States Naval Academy. He was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps in 2006 and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with Regimental Combat Team 5 as an infantry commander and Battalion Landing Team 1/4.  His military decorations include Navy and Marine Commendation Medals, Navy and Marine Achievement Medals, and numerous other medals and honors.