Career Services

Veterans seeking careers in Houston can work with a variety of our organizations that provide direct career transition, resume writing services, interview classes, and networking events.
Find organizations that work in career services.

Social Events

Family events, happy hours, sports games, concerts, exercise groups, and more. Houston veteran organizations have many free or low cost opportunities for you and your family to interact and connect.
Get connected to organizations with social events.

Financial Services

Sometimes things don't always go according to plan. We have connections with programs that provide financial assistance for military veterans and their families. Many of these organizations also have the ability to do financial planning and coaching.
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Education & Training

Houston is home to 15 colleges and universities. With the GI Bill and the Hazlewood Act, veterans have opportunities to learn and grow. We also have access to skilled trade and continuing education programs that veterans can take advantage of.
Get connected to organizations that will set you on the path to further your education.

Alternative Therapies

Relieveing stress, learning about your shift, and getting back to a healthy body and mind can involve some really interesting practices. Check out our Alternative Therapies to learn more.
Work with these organizations to provide for your family.

Veteran Benefits

Getting access to the benefits you earned can be a daunting task. From health benefits, to education, to loans, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of. There are also many benefits that are unique to Texas.
Take advantage of your benefits by working with these services.

Physical & Mental Well Being

Sound body and sound mind are essential for veterans to succeed. There are variety of physical activity programs that include running, yoga, cycling and more. Combined Arms can also connect you to emotional and mental health programs available for veterans and family members.
Well being is important. Start here.

Growth & Success

Success is all about making connections. There are many networking events and workshops throughout Houston that can expose you to many opportunities.
Build your network and your own personal connections.

Life sometimes sends us unexpected issues. Check out our resources for legal resources to help you through these times.
Learn about legal resources.


Being involved in the Houston community is a great way to transition and network. There are variety of ways for veterans to volunteer and to become leaders in their hometown.
Stay involved and bring your skills to the Houston community.