Combined Arms Collaboration Committees

"All roads lead to collaboration." This is our mantra at Combined Arms, and we invite you to learn more about how our Collaboration Committees impact the local, regional, and national community.  

  • Team Approach to Meeting Needs of Veterans & Military-connected Family Members
  • Shared Best Practices & Growth Opportunities
  • Includes:
    • Benefit Assistance
    • Legal Support
    • Homelessness Services
    • Food Services
    • Clothing Support

  • Enhance Collaboration & Communication among institutions of higher education 
  • Create a National Network 
  • Facilitate Educational Opportunities for Veterans and Military-connected Family Members.
  •  Enhance Collaboration Among Professional Growth Organizations
  • Increase Hiring for Veterans and Military-Connected Family Members
  • Accelerate Impact of Employed Veterans & Military-Connected Family Members 
  • Seeks to Understand the Military, Transitioning, and Veteran Family Experience
  • Creates Strategies to Meet the Unique Needs of Caregivers & Families
  • Collaborates with Like Organizations to Collectively Meet Family & Caregiver Needs
  •  Create a Collaborative of Evidence-Based Mental Health Services & Therapeutic Modalities
  • Seeks to Improve Holistic Wellness of Veterans and Military-Connected Family Members


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