Michael DeBakey Veteran Medical Center


The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center serves as the primary health care provider for almost 130,000 veterans in southeast Texas. Veterans from around the country are referred to the MEDVAMC for specialized diagnostic care, radiation therapy, surgery, and medical treatment including cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy, nuclear medicine, ophthalmology, and treatment of spinal cord injury and diseases. The MEDVAMC is home to a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinic; Network Polytrauma Center; an award-winning Cardiac and General Surgery Program; Liver Transplant Center; VA Epilepsy and Cancer Centers of Excellence; VA Substance Abuse Disorder Quality Enhancement Research Initiative; Health Services Research & Development Center of Innovation; VA Rehabilitation Research of Excellence focusing on mild to moderate traumatic brain injury; Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center; and one of the VA’s six Parkinson’s Disease Research, Education, and Clinical Centers. In late 2012, the MEDVAMC received official designation as a Kidney Transplant Center. Including the outpatient clinics in Beaumont, Conroe, Galveston, Houston, Katy, Lake Jackson, Lufkin, Richmond, Texas City, and Tomball, MEDVAMC outpatient clinics log more than a million outpatient visits annually.

Gulf Coast Center

The Gulf Coast Center is a member of the Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) www.milvetpeer.net
This network assists veterans and their family members connect to their peers and veteran service providers locally and state-wide.

Our program helps to recruit and train veteran volunteers so they can provide peer to peer support through veteran peer groups and individual mentoring. Community veteran reintegration services are offered by partnering with local veteran programs to make appropriate referrals. We also provide access to mental health professionals who have Military Cultural Competency through their military service experience or training.

Career and Recovery

Veteran ServicesThese programs provide employment and housing assistance, case management, training services, and connection to VA benefits, and are all supported by our Veteran Services Business Advisory Council.  

Our Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP), at 2525 San Jacinto– (713) 754-7055,collaborates with many veteran-serving organizations, including the VA, to ensure that homeless veterans receive all possible assistance in re-entering the workforce and community life in general. Over 70% of these veterans come to us earning between zero and $5,000 per year. Services include job readiness training, certification, and placement for individual homeless veterans.

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), at 2525 San Jacinto – (713) 754-7055, strives to leverage funding and our numerous community partnerships, to prevent homelessness and enhance the housing stability of very low-income veteran families. Since loss of a job is the # 1 trigger causing homelessness, this program has a strong job placement component. Our goal is to outreach to 300 low-income veteran families, to enroll 150 families, to place 100 family members in jobs, to provide Temporary Financial Assistance to 75 families, to link 100 families to new public or VA benefits, and to place 100 families in housing they can afford. To qualify, the veteran families must be homeless or at risk for homelessness and earning less than 50% of the Area Mean Family Income.) 

Our Returning Veterans Program, in Central Placement  at 2525 San Jacinto, helps all veterans (regardless of homeless status or type of discharge) to find and retain employment. Please call 713.754.7050.

Beacon Law

Our Mission is to champion equal justice for homeless, low-income individuals and to remedy the conditions that burden and marginalize them.


Beacon Law provides high quality, courteous, and effective legal services to low-income individuals and communities. In collaboration with community partners, we work to identify and address the causes and effects of poverty and inequality.


Our Priorities consist of five practice areas: access to safe and affordable housing, access to income and employment, access to healthcare, economic justice, and consumer rights. 

These priorities reflect Beacon Law’s strategic focus to remove barriers to escaping homelessness, support individuals and families, preserve homes, maintain economic stability, ensure stability and health, and to identify and address the needs of vulnerable populations. 

Career Gear Houston

Career Gear is a national non-profit organization that builds strong families and communities by empowering low-income men to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. We promote the economic independence of low-income men by providing financial literacy training, a network of support, professional attire, career development tools, job-readiness and essential life-skills training that help men enter the workforce, stay employed and become role models and mentors to their families and communities.


At Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers, you’ll find a circle of support for you and your family. In your counselor, you’ll find a caring professional who will walk with you through the challenges you face, with acceptance, support, and insight. You’ll be inspired to work toward positive changes that can make your life more fulfilling.

Our hope is that you’ll find a fresh perspective and learn more effective ways of coping with what life brings your way. Many of our clients discover renewed self-confidence, serenity, balance, and wellness. Relationships and work performance improve with this new outlook on life. You are given the tools you need to build and maintain a fulfilling life, along with a deeper sense of your life’s meaning and purpose.

Through our services both in the office and in the community, we strive for better todays and brighter tomorrows not only for you, but also for our whole community–one life at a time.

We provide counseling services from a Christian perspective regardless of ability to pay; services are offered on an adjusted-fee basis, and financial assistance may be available. If you have medical insurance, your care may be covered.

SER Houston

SER offers a variety of services centered to assist each individual achieve their career goals. Services offered are:

Green Jobs Training - includes occupational skills training in Green Construction, Weatherization, Home Energy Rating, Concrete Countertop Manufacturing, Solar Panel Installation, Concrete Technician, OSHA-10, Flagging, HVAC Technicians and welding. 

Career Coaching & Job Placement - a team of experienced and trained Career Coaches provide career coaching and job placement services to connect each individual with a job that best fits their unique set of skills, abilities, and intererests.

Financial Education - SER's certified financial coaches offer debt counseling, budgeting assistance, techniques for improving credit scores, and a variety of workshops all centered around educating our clients on building wealth.

Lone Star Legal Aid

Lone Star Legal Aid is the fourth largest service provider of free legal aid in the United States. Lone Star Legal Aid serves 72 counties in Texas and four in Arkansas, an area that covers one-third of the state Texas, including almost 60,000 square miles from Texarkana, to the Louisiana-Texas Gulf Coast state-line, down to Matagorda Bay, and four counties of southwest Arkansas. Lone Star Legal Aid has 14 offices throughout east, southeast, and northeast Texas. Legal Services Corporation, Texas Access to Justice Foundation, and multiple grants generously fund lone Star Legal Aid. Lone Star Legal Aid service area has nearly 1.5 million income-eligible Texas residents.