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MyVA Goals

The five, broad MyVA Strategies are about achieving customer-service excellence. We call the strategy MyVA. That’s exactly how we want Veterans to see us—a VA they’re proud of by...

  • Improving the Veteran experience.
  • Improving the employee experience.
  • Achieving support services excellence.
  • Establishing a culture of continuous performance improvement.
  • Enhancing strategic partnerships.

The MyVA transformation strategies define our unified approach to leverage VA’s immense scope and scale so we can give every Veteran an exceptional experience that’s easy, consistent, and memorable.

The strategies are about . . .

Rebuilding trust with Veterans, their families and survivors, and the American people.

Looking at VA from a Veteran’s perspective, doing everything we can to make the Veteran Experience effective and emotionally engaging.

A department-wide transformation that will ultimately put Veterans in control of how, when, and where they wish to be served.

Modernizing our culture, processes and capabilities and leaving behind old, unresponsive ways of doing business to change VA into the high-performing organization it can be by combining functions, changing to requirements-based resourcing, simplifying operations, and providing Veterans care and services so that they accept, think about, and tell others about the VA (in the first person) as MyVA.

Building on strengths to promote an environment in which VA employees see themselves as members of a single enterprise that’s fortified by our diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities.

Understanding how we all—doctor, rater, claims processor, custodian, support staff, or Secretary—fit into the bigger picture of providing Veteran benefits and services.


Combined Arms is the representative hub for the Houston My VA Community.