At Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers, you’ll find a circle of support for you and your family. In your counselor, you’ll find a caring professional who will walk with you through the challenges you face, with acceptance, support, and insight. You’ll be inspired to work toward positive changes that can make your life more fulfilling.

Our hope is that you’ll find a fresh perspective and learn more effective ways of coping with what life brings your way. Many of our clients discover renewed self-confidence, serenity, balance, and wellness. Relationships and work performance improve with this new outlook on life. You are given the tools you need to build and maintain a fulfilling life, along with a deeper sense of your life’s meaning and purpose.

Through our services both in the office and in the community, we strive for better todays and brighter tomorrows not only for you, but also for our whole community–one life at a time.

We provide counseling services from a Christian perspective regardless of ability to pay; services are offered on an adjusted-fee basis, and financial assistance may be available. If you have medical insurance, your care may be covered.