Beacon Law

Our Mission is to champion equal justice for homeless, low-income individuals and to remedy the conditions that burden and marginalize them.

Beacon Law provides high quality, courteous, and effective legal services to low-income individuals and communities. In collaboration with community partners, we work to identify and address the causes and effects of poverty and inequality.

Our Priorities consist of five practice areas: access to safe and affordable housing, access to income and employment, access to healthcare, economic justice, and consumer rights. 

These priorities reflect Beacon Law’s strategic focus to remove barriers to escaping homelessness, support individuals and families, preserve homes, maintain economic stability, ensure stability and health, and to identify and address the needs of vulnerable populations. 

Brian Wilson

Combined Arms, 2929 McKinney Street, Houston, TX, 77003

Brian Wilson is the Creative Technology Manager at Combined Arms. He served for six years in the US Army as a combat medic and has five years experience working in veteran non-profits throughout Houston.