Cigar Night For Vets

Cigar Night for Vets was created to bring back what Veterans miss the most about service: the brotherhood. Founded in late 2013 in Houston, TX at Little J's Bar, the event has been held on the first Thursday of every month since then. CN4V draws inspiration from the "smoke pit" sessions of deployment. Gathering together over cigars was an outlet to decompress. It was about the conversation and the camaraderie–and nothing could interfere with that. So, why not recreate that same moment back home? Enter Cigar Night for Vets.

For one night a month, we celebrate the bond between heroic men and valiant women—reigniting the camaraderie that brought us together, just like our times of need during service. We want you to get connected with people in your area, as well as resources. We all need a place to come home. Become a part of our family at Cigar Night for Vets.

The Houston Cigar Night For Vets meets once a month, on the first Thursday, at Little J's Bar on Washington Ave. The event starts at 6:00 pm.