Impact A Hero

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Impact A Hero provides immediate and ongoing support, in the form of opportunities and resources, for our severely wounded, post 9/11 combat veterans, their families and caregivers.

Bridging the Gap
We aim to highlight the exceptionalism of their service and sacrifice by impacting their lives in the following manner;

Immediate Support

  • Bridging the financial gap for veterans and families – We bridge the gap for veterans and families with immediate financial support when the need is identified and vetted by a Distribution Committee consisting of combat veterans. Hand up and not a hand out designed to build lasting, trust-based relationships between IAH and our Heroes.

Ongoing Support

  • Bridging the resource gap by collaborating with other non-profits – We work closely with other non-profits that can provide resources in a specific area of need or geographical location sponsoring “scholarships” that allow our veterans to attend free of charge and get the help they need at that point in their life. Allows sharing valuable resources with other organizations that impact our Heroes where and how they need the help most now.
  • Bridging the gap between Heroes – We provide ongoing emotional support and help build lasting relationships by connecting injured veterans, families and caregivers to one another through events and mentorship. The “Hero Weekend” each May in Houston is the biggest example. Our Director of Veteran Relations is key internal resource helping make that connections on daily basis.
  • Bridging the gap between a supportive community and Heroes – We provide the channel for the community to show their respect, appreciation and support for wounded veterans and their families through volunteering, donations and corporate sponsorship.
  • Bridging the gap between injuries in combat and life with a purpose after combat – As we continue to develop relationships with severely combat wounded veterans, we point them in the direction of those that have overcome as great or greater adversity and help them see that there is a bright and purposeful life after their injuries. As the core group of Heroes that are living a full life grows, America is inspired by their stories.