NextOp serves our nation’s hardworking veterans by providing career placement assistance, mentorship, and support in their transition into industry with a particular focus on energy and Houston.

NextOp recruits, trains, and places high-performing middle-enlisted military leaders into energy, construction and healthcare careers.

For employers, NextOp provides energy, construction, and healthcare companies with high-performing military leaders that will be productive, safe, team-oriented, and respectful employees. Our mentors work with each transitioning veteran to cultivate the necessary skills to excel in each industry, increasing satisfaction and reducing turnover in critically needed positions. 



  • Direct placement and advocacy in your job search with hundreds of area companies.
  • Resume writing, interview coaching, and networking skills.
  • Mentoring services.
  • Provides companies with pre-screened candidates to meet their needs. 
  • Provides direction to local education and training programs, GI Bill benefits counseling, college admissions guidance, and mentorship for veterans going to school.

Brian Wilson

Combined Arms, 2929 McKinney Street, Houston, TX, 77003

Brian Wilson is the Creative Technology Manager at Combined Arms. He served for six years in the US Army as a combat medic and has five years experience working in veteran non-profits throughout Houston.