Travis Manion Foundation


Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations. In 2007, 1stLt Travis Manion (USMC) was killed in Iraq while saving his wounded teammates. Today, Travis' legacy lives on in the words he spoke before leaving for his final deployment, "If Not Me, Then Who..."

Guided by this mantra, veterans continue their service, develop strong relationships with their communities, and thrive in their post-military lives. As a result, communities prosper and the character of our nation's heroes live on in the next generation.

TMF veterans and families of fallen heroes are redefining America's national character. 

Character Does Matter, presented by Johnson & Johnson, empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to connect with youth in their communities and inspire them with stories of our nation’s fallen heroes. Volunteers challenge the next generation of leaders to join the “If Not Me, Then Who…” movement and exhibit the qualities of courage, integrity, leadership and service exemplified by our nation’s fallen heroes. In becoming a TMF Spartan, you develop character in future generations by serving as a youth mentor or speaker. This includes: 

  • Sharing stories of character with youth through a CDM presentation

  • Mentoring youth by participating in (or creating) a character and leadership course

  • Participating in TMF's annual 9/11 Heroes Run- a 5k race to honor those that have served since 9/11 and continue their legacy of character

  • Participating in TMF National Service Week- a semi-annual event in November and April that provides opportunities for communities to come together to put character into action. 

  • Engaging in regular athletic and networking events for veterans and families of the fallen to build camaraderie and professional development