One Minute Transition is a periodical web show hosted by Bryan Escobedo and Brian Wilson from Combined Arms. Each episodes quickly introduces programs, resources, or events for veterans in about a minute. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive updates of any newly posted episodes. 

Learn about some quick resume tips from Brian & Bryan on the first episode of One Minute Transition. 

Join us at the Combined Arms Gym as we talk to Rich from Wounded Warrior Project about their physical fitness program.

Learn about programs with Hope For The Warriors that are exclusive to caregivers.

Learn about what The Mission Continues does in Houston and how they make an impact.

Learn about veteran services from Denmark, as we talk to Lai about how much we have in common. 

Check out the new tool donation for The Mission Continues from Stanley Dewalt and how you can join them on the next project. 

Today we talk with Stephan Wolfert with Cry Havoc! - Bedlam, a theater show about Shakespeare and serving in the military. 

It's another episode of One Minute Transition! Check out our interview with Heather from the Gulf Coast Center.

Brian & Bryan talk to Cress from the Travis Manion Foundation about Veteran Transition Workshops.

Learn about the newest category of services provided by Combined Arms member organizations

Learn about how public speaking and storytelling can help you succeed with Veteran Voices. 

On Episode 8 of One Minute Transition, we hear about technology tips from Jonna from Easter Seals. 

Join Gen. Mark A. Welsh III (USAF) as we hear about how he encountered his transition and his tips for fellow service members. 

Learn about the Warriors To Workforce seminars hosted by Deloitte and how you can further your career in the civilian world. 

242 years of defending freedom in America! Check out our birthday salute to the US Army.