FINANCIAL Management REsearch:

Proverbs of Nonprofit Financial Management by George Mitchell & Thad Calabrese Published by Sage Journals

The Hidden Cost of Trustworthiness (paywall) by George Mitchell & Thad Calabrese

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Charities That Don't Embrace Common Financial Norms Tend to Ourperform Their Peers by George Mitchell 


Needs Assessments:

2022 Center for New American Security 

2022 Combined Arms - Endeavors

2022 Bob Woodruff Foundation

2019 Combined Arms - Endeavors


Food Insecurity:

2021 - Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN)

2021 - Dr. Nipa Kamdar


Women Veterans:

2022 - RAND



2022 - Institute for Economic & Racial Equity - Brandeis University


Combined ARms Model: 

2022 - KPMG - Data Citizens with a Purpose Insights Guide

2019-2022 - Combined Arms Model


History of the VSO Space:

2008 - Sea of Goodwill - Matching the Donor to the Need

2014 - After the Sea of Goodwill: A Collective Approach to Veteran Reintegration

2014 - Enabling Collaborative Support to Reintegrate the Military Family

2015 - After the Sea of Goodwill Conceptual Framework