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A Welcome to Veterans

Over 200,000 military members transition from the service each year. They are experienced leaders, skilled co-workers, adept business owners and supportive neighbors.

This year alone, we will welcome 20,000 more veterans and their families.

Imagine the impact of these new arrivals: business and neighborhoods will grow, leaders will emerge, and economies will continue to thrive. Combined Arms is on a mission to welcome home even more veterans, connecting them to the camaraderie and opportunities, and setting them up to have a positive impact on the communities they return to.

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30 hour response time

Connecting VSOs to veterans, and veterans to opportunities

We have disrupted the transition space by providing digital tools that offer a streamlined, direct connection to the organizations that will serve them best. Our average connection time is less than 30 hours.

Member Organizations

200+ Partners

A rallying force for veterans

Our 200+ partner organizations provide veterans with what they need to thrive. We support 20 of these organizations directly by providing over $450,000 in rent and annual operating expenses so they can focus on serving our veterans. These dollars are put back into programs that accelerate veteran transition to civilian life.

Member Organizations
Transition Center

Our Rally Point

Check out of your unit, check into ours

We have expanded our 15,000 sq ft Combined Arms Transition Center to offer more networking, professional training and gym sessions for veterans and their families. Everyone is invited to stop by to meet some of our member organizations and connect with veterans.

Transition Center
Veteran Engagement

$998MM Economic Impact

Changing the veteran conversation

Veterans are an important asset and we work hard to promote awareness of their value as they grow the economy, serve in our communities, and make cities stronger. Since launching, the Combined Arms veteran community has made an economic impact of over $998,000,000.

*Source: Houston Chronicle
Veteran Engagement

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Transition means forward movement and, when veterans embark on their path to civilian life, Combined Arms is with them on that journey. And we need you there with us. 

How will we serve those who served us?

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