Our Partners

When our Donor Partners support Combined Arms, they affirm our collective commitment to veterans' and military families thriving. We collaborate with best in class organizations because we serve the best. Our corporate and major donors recognize the military community's value and impact on our nation.

Our Partners H1

Make an Impact

Join a community of individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to making a significant positive impact on veterans' lives. As a veteran-centric organization, we serve as an extension of the military community. We connect veterans and the military community to the resources they need to thrive and contribute to building stronger families, communities, and countries.

Change Agent Partners

Our Change Agent sponsors are the backbone of Combined Arms. Through their generosity of $50,000+ financial and in-kind donations, we are changing veteran lives.

OneTrust Home Loads
Schultz Family Foundation
The William Stamps Farish Fund
Wounded Warrior Project
Houston Endowment
The Strake Foundation
JP Morgan & Chase
Bob Woodruff Foundation
Arnolds Office Furniture
Texas Workforce Commission
BWC Terminals

Market Disruptor Partners

Our Market Disruptor partners provide a foundation for our veteran programs that is changing our country for the better. Their $20,000+ donations keep our mission going strong.

Veteran Energy
Golden Pass LNG
Wells Fargo
Sempra Energy
Triton Claim
HCA Houston Healthcare

Community Builder Partners

Our Community Builder partners provide strong sponsorship and partnership support for our major events, community, and affinity groups. Their donations build community, acknowledge their thought leadership, and create veteran opportunities.

Silver Eagle Distributors
Ham, Langston & Brezina
WDG Wealth Design Group
Thompson Knight
Sofer Steiner
Simmons Energy
Rudy's Real Texas Bar-B-Q
McGrath & Co
Little Woodrow's
Healthy Smiles
LDR Leadership
Stellar Bank
Karya Kares
Rose-Villacorte Architecture LLC
Veterans United Foundation
Post Oak

Innovative Collaboration Partners

Our Innovative Collaboration partners provide in-kind contributions and expertise that keep us running strong. Their donations build community and create veteran opportunities.

Baker Botts
Bayard Bradford

Sponsors & Donors

Become part of a dedicated community supporting veterans and military families. Your contribution makes a meaningful difference, demonstrating your commitment to veteran and military family well-being. Combined Arms, an organization committed to higher standards, we leverage data, partners, and passion in a veteran-centric service model, empowering change and transformation in their lives. Combined, We Thrive.