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Combined Arms raises the standard for supporting and empowering our veterans and military families by partnering with best-in-class, socially responsible states, businesses, and organizations. Our innovative technology connects the right people to the right resources at the right time, supporting a community that thrives.

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Membership Process

Becoming a member organization with Combined Arms means you're not just joining an organization; you're entering a dedicated community ready to support the veterans and military families at every stage. Together we streamline business processes and integrate our SaaS technology solutions seamlessly into your operations, preparing your team with the tools to drive meaningful change.

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    Submit Application

    Interested in joining the Combined Arms network? Complete the membership form to get started.

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    Discovery & Due Diligence

    We will schedule a discovery call to learn how we can partner with your organization. We research each organization to ensure they serve the military community by providing quality services while maintaining reliable fiscal and government oversight.

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    Approval & Resource Mapping

    After being approved, organizations must submit a comprehensive form listing their programs, population served and geographic reach, such as national, regional, state, and county.

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    Combined Arms Technology Training

    We train organizations to effectively utilize resources, make referrals, and connect with service providers to support veterans and families. 

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    An MOU is signed by both organizations that commit to connecting with veterans and military families within 72 hours and enhancing military-connected community services.

Benefits of Joining the Combined Arms Network

We unite best-in-class organizations, streamlining the connection between veterans and the resources they need to thrive. We take the guesswork out of how you serve the military community.

Expand your Mission Through our Technology

Establish trust and credibility by collaborating with top-tier veteran-focused nonprofits, government agencies, and local communities with data-fueled insights and an unmatched level of transparency. 

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Eliminate Redundancies and Streamline Resources for Maximum Efficiency

Our single point of entry approach simplifies the often complex landscape of Veteran Service Organization (VSO) options. We foster collaboration among organizations and emphasize their unique missions while prioritizing maximum impact.

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Collaborate with Best-in-Class Veteran-serving Organizations

Our robust ecosystem unites veterans and accountable service organizations, serving as an extension of the military community. With a seamless blend of a physical and digital presence, our network nurtures partnerships, driven by the collective force of collaboration. 

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Holistic, Data-driven Approach, Improving the Lives of Veterans and Military Families

Sophisticated data analysis at Combined Arms provides comprehensive, audience-specific insights, driving program optimization, and planning. This ensures veterans receive prompt, transparent, and credible support, enhancing their well-being and program outcomes. 

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Interested in becoming a Combined Arms Member Organization?

Becoming a member organization with Combined Arms means you're not just joining another veteran organization; you're entering a dedicated network ready to support the military community at every stage.

This journey together is a partnership that will help integrate our solutions seamlessly into your operations, equipping your team with the resources to drive meaningful change.