250+ MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS  (50 NATIONAL) are on their way


Membership with Combined Arms means joining our innovative and collaborative model fueled by the portfolio of national, regional, state and best-in-class veteran-serving organizations. These programs provide veterans and military families services through a no wrong door system to accelerate their transition to civilian life, into new communities and provide support during times of crisis.



EXPAND YOUR MISSION: Capabilities & Brand Awareness

  • Client referrals through technology platform
  • Access to more than 200 member organizations and over 1000 resources throughout the nation to connect clients to for continuing/holistic care
  • Strongly aligned missions (you support them we support you)
  • Support veterans and family members with multi-layered needs

REDUCE REDUNDANCIES: Lower Costs & Increase Quality of Services

  • Single point of entry for veterans to navigate difficult landscape of so many VSOs (add numbers by state/nation)
  • Work with each other instead of competing for funding - focus on unique mission of your organization = philanthropic support (funders want to support a specific cause)
  • Higher impact/quality of services
  • Coordination and management of resources and services rather than the acquisition of additional resources (resource dependency theory)

COLLABORATE:  Join Best-in-Class Veteran-Serving Organizations

  • All roads lead to collaboration - the antidote to fragmentation
  • No wrong door approach
  • Share best practices/foster innovation


  • Expedited veteran engagement achieves positive outcomes for veterans and family members
  • Access to data and demographics to help with market research (measuring communities)
  • Collective impact, common agenda and shared measurements
  • Combined Arms collects, analyzes, interprets and reports data to member organizations
  • Advocate for aligned policy agenda and stay on top of policy developments that impact collective efforts



Membership PROCESS

Interested in becoming a member? Complete the form below.

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Depending on How Quickly Your Organization Engages this Process averages about 3 months. 

1. Inquiry/Application - Interested in collaborating with Combined Arms?  Complete the form below to begin the membership process. We will schedule a Discovery Call to talk through how we can partner. 

2. Due Diligence - To ensure your organization is who they say they are and does what you say you do and with good fiscal and governance oversight. We ensure that veterans and families have access to the best services to meet their needs.

3. Resource Mapping - organizations must complete a thorough form with all of their programs available to veterans, military families, and special immigrant visas with the corresponding geographic reach: National, Regional, State, County, ETc. 

4. Training - Before resources are activated in the system, organizations will participate in training to understand how to best receive their connections and refer veterans and families to other service providers. 

5. Activation - An MOU will be signed by both organizations that commit to connecting with veterans & military families within 72 hours and participating in collaboration activities in order to elevate the level or service that we are providing the military-connected community. 


Accountability Standards 

1.  Organizations agree with the mindset that no veteran or military family member falls through the cracks. 

2. Organizations will connect with veterans & military families requesting services within 72 hours.

3. Organizations will attempt to connect 3 times by phone/email. 

4. Organizations are committed to fiscal and governance transparency. 

5. Organizations will participate in collaboration. 

6. Organizations will refer individuals requesting additional services that they don't provide to other organizations in order to provide holistic support. 


The whole process does take some time, but in the meantime, all the resources and professional development opportunities offered through the Combined Arms Institute are available for all veteran-serving organizations across the nation.

(see resources below the form) 




Asking WhAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? What else does your spouse/partner family need? 

Complete this form to begin the membership process.

Combined Arms Membership Request Form

Find Funding through the Grant Map for U.S. Veterans & Military Families.

Understand military/veteran specific data in your community. 

Save money on discounts through a group purchasing program. 

View live survey/data on servicemember/spouse transition. 
Fundraising Resources to Increase Efficiency and Accelerate Performance